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Academic Articles & Book Chapters

Loi, T. I., Sheppard, L. D., & Kuhn, K. M. (2023). The double-edged sword of job-relevant news consumption: A within-person examination of the costs and benefits for employees. Journal of Business and Psychology.

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Sheppard, L. D., Loi, T. I., & Kmec, J. A. (2022). Too tired to lean in? Sleep quality impacts women’s daily intentions to pursue workplace status. Sex Roles. 87: 379-389. 

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*Denotes equal authorship

Oo, P. P., Creek, S. A., & Sheppard, L. D. (2022). Perceived warmth and competence in crowdfunding: Which matters more and for whom? Journal of Business Venturing Insights. 17.

Harrold, M. L., & Sheppard, L. D. (2022). A help or a hindrance? Workplace consequences of women's attractiveness. Routledge Encyclopedia of Psychology in the Real World. 

Sheppard, L. D., Cuttler, C., Shin, E., McLaughlin, R. J. (2021). Differences in cortisol following cooperative and competitive work-related tasks with same-sex versus opposite-sex partners. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 


Sheppard, L. D., O’Reilly, J., van Dijke, M., Restubog, S., & Aquino, K. (2020). The stress-relieving benefits of positively experienced social sexual behavior in the workplace. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 156: 38-52.

Sheppard, L. D., & Johnson, S. (2019). The femme fatale effect: Attractiveness is a liability for businesswomen’s perceived truthfulness, trust, and deservingness of termination. Sex Roles, 81: 779-796. 

Hmieleski, K. M., & Sheppard, L. D. (2019). The yin and yang of entrepreneurship: Gender differences in the importance of communal and agentic characteristics for entrepreneurs’ subjective well-being and performance. Journal of Business Venturing, 34: 709-730

Sheppard, L. D. (2018). Gender differences in leadership aspirations and job and life attribute preferences among U.S. undergraduate students. Sex Roles, 79: 565-577. 

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Netchaeva, E.*, Kouchaki, M.*, & Sheppard, L. D. (2015). A man’s (precarious) place: Men’s experienced threat and self-assertive reactions to female superiors. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 41: 1247-1259. 
*Denotes equal authorship

Rawski, S., Djurdjevic, E., & Sheppard, L. D. (2014). Occupational stress: Considering the complex interplay of sex, gender, and job roles. In Research in Occupational Stress and Well Being, Volume 12.  P. Perrewe, J. Halbesleben, & C. Rosen (Eds.). pp 199-233. 

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Sheppard, L. D., & Vernon, P.A. (2008). Intelligence and speed of information-processing: A review of fifty years of research. Personality and Individual Differences, 44: 535-551.


Publications for a General Audience

Wieckowski, A., & Sheppard, L. D. (Nov-Dec 2019). Beauty is a liability for women in business. Harvard Business Review.

Sheppard, L. D. (2019). Overcoming gender disparities in entrepreneurship. Money Inc.

Sheppard, L. D., & Aquino, K. (2017). Why women get criticized for being candid at work. The Atlantic.

Sheppard, L. D. (2016). Three steps managers can take to address same-sex conflict. Vancouver Business Journal.


Sheppard, L. D. (2014). How to leverage media attention into a tenure-track faculty position. University Affairs.


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